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Your donation goes a long way, no matter the amount.  Our Dreamseekers have needs and those needs come with a price tag.  If you feel it in your heart to give, do so, today!  We appreciate each and every donation given, no matter the amount it will assist us fund dreams!

Are you a coporate company or affiliated with one and looking for an opportunity to make a difference.  As you see, we walk it like we talk it and we're doing it without any financial support, currently.  Be the one that changes that by giving to our mission, our vision, and our Dreamseekers.  When we receive from your company we expect you to stay along the journey and watch as each Dreamseeker evolves.  

Do you know of a school that could benefit from our program?  Collaborate with us to make sure we fulfill the needs of those Dreamseekers and if you have the opportunity to sponsor the school, do so.  We appreciate those individuals that are willing to play a part in the change!

Two of Our Female Dreamseekers


Do you have more time on your hands then you need?  Be sure to spend it wisely by investing in yourself and sewing seeds into those that need it.  Exposure means the world to our Dreamseekers and if you have the opportunity to help our Dreamseekers unlearn current habits and adopt new habits, why wouldn't you? We're excited to have you, join us today!

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